Lutris won't launch properly, manually configured game does not show in library

So I just switched to Deepin 20 few days ago, everything seems to be fine except for lutris.
When I try to launch it I get wierd prompt stating that “Lutris is starting…”, but it would roll forever, however if I decide to click on exit, the launcher will appear (still the prompt will be there).
The main issue here is that I can’t install any app neither via script from website nor by using manual configuration, in first case - nothing will happen, in the other - the game won’t appear in library (though configuration itself work as intended). If I click second time the exit button on mentioned prompt, it will close it as well as the lutris launcher.

Saddly I have no clue what might cause it :c
Lutris always worked fine for me on other distros.

lutris --submit-issue output
lutris -d output

Here are screenshots:
Screen Capture_lutris_20201219014646