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Lutris with wine wayland

Hi everyone, I was wondering is possible to use this wine
as a main wine client for the pc (dependencies and stuff) with lutris and use the custom wine build of lutris for playing opengl titles? (as the time of writing wine-wayland does not support opengl, just dxvk/vulkan). Oh and speaking of wayland, I recently manually updated the web-runner (electron) as in the lastest release 12.0.1 they added support for wayland (native not xwayland) by adding this arguments to the electron binary --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland, works flawlessly on the terminal but I havent found a way to do it on lutris? (and no, the integrated argument options in lutris put the argument after the complete command not after the electron executable). thanks in advise.


I too am interested in the answer to this!

you don’t actually need wine to be installed on the system, just wine’s dependencies, so this seems doable.

probably just a matter of uninstalling wine from your system, trying to boot up an opengl wine game, then seeing if you accidentally removed dependencies lutris-wine needs along with wine when you removed it

I will try it