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Lutris Will Not Run Origin After Downloading from Lutris Site

Hello everyone! I have tried to install Origin through Lutris, but there is always some sort of error through both downloading Origin and simply logging into Origin through the Sources tab. When I download Origin, it says that certain files within the library are missing, and I am not sure how to download them so I can use Origin. The logs will be linked below, with the first being the log which contains my system specs.
Edit: ignore the first part where I said I didn’t know how to upload it, that was just me not reading the Lutris page for things you need to know before posting. In fact, I’ll actually delete it so that way it won’t deter any answerers.
Log Containing System Specs
Lutris Log

Hello, I just want to ensure that I am not doing anything wrong by posting the initial thread, as I am very well aware that I have not received any replies. Thanks everyone for reading this anyways, I appreciate it.

Hello mate, I gotta be honest. I do not understand your isuue after you made the edit.

Is just origin not working?

Hello, thanks for responding, I appreciate it. The issue lies with what happens when I download Origin for Lutris through a web browser, and through any means for that matter. It downloads Origin, makes the files in the games directory, then after I input my username and password into Origin, the Lutris application never exits the screen which also says that its missing some lib files, those same which I believe should be specified within one of the logs. A solution I have found since posting this is to just rename the folder called “origin” before I cancel the download which does not stop, prompting it to delete the files which have since been renamed and thus, not able to be deleted. This leaves me with the files Lutris needs to run Origin after manually setting Origin.exe up as a game, though I am sure that there is an actual solution to the problem which you may describe.