Lutris Web Steam Library Sync conflicts with Lutris Client Steam Import

If you setup Lutris Steam Account sync on the website and import your library and sync it to the desktop client, any games that were already installed through steam but not yet added to lutris can no longer be synced with lutris, since there is now already an entry for it (even though that entry is grayed out since there is no installed game associated with it). Its as if it added the entry, saw it was installed but not added to lutris and then flagged that game as disabled/deleted.

The installed games show up as they should in the import options, but importing them does nothing to the already existing entry that it obtained from the web sync.

You can manually go in and add the app id and anything else it needs, but I can’t imagine this is the desired behavior as I would assume this same issue would occur every time you go to install a new natively ran steam game (either native or proton through steam).

If anything import should be able to update those games that were synced from your steam library on the website. I’m guessing this was designed before proton was big, assuming all your steam games would want a lutris installed windows based steam bottle for everything?

It seemed like it might of been kind cool to have the entire library visible right through lutris but in the end I ended up disabling the site steam library sync and manually deleting all the games from the web library and game client 1 by 1 (cant select more than one at a time and sync doesn’t remove games) to prevent further issues and just adding games to my lutris library on the site that I want to be installed through lutris, and then setting the lutris client to auto import installed steam games.

I use Lutris mostly for managing my installed games nowadays, so I usually just install native Steam games (as well as Proton ones) the normal way, and import them into Lutris afterwards. The only issue I met so far is some games would not detect correctly (either because website id was different from the Steam title generated one, or because websync failed to add them in Lutris library), which prevented automatic icon generation.

Also, Proton is not a silver bullet. On ProtonDB, out of 7.6k reported games only 4.7k actually work with it.

And, trying to automate “smart” stuff is usually not the Linux way for the simple reason that it can easily result in silently breaking what works already (like automatically removing an install it took you some effort to make working while replacing it with a different install which actually doesn’t work at all on your PC – yes, I’ve actually had games whose Windows versions worked under Wine while native Linux versions did not). Delegating management of my game library to some Skynet knockoff is my worst nightmare regardless of its level of malice.

Speaking of which, why would you want to have all of your game entries present in the local Lutris UI? It doesn’t allow to cathegorize them (other than by runner), so you’ll be stuck managing a very long list of your games without much ability to navigate them.