Lutris uses integrated graphics card instead of nvidia in WoW

I managed to run WoW through Lutris and, on minimal settings, it runs smoothly… as long as I don’t look somewhere with a lot of details to render, like trees. I suspected the game may run on my Intel® UHD Graphics 630 instead of my Nvidia GTX960, and based on DXVK_HUD=1 it appears I am right (top left corner of the screenshot). As far as I know I have all nvidia drivers installed correctly (32bit libraries too). Does anyone know what might be the cause and how to make the game run on the dedicated graphics card?

lutris -d output from the start up to the moment the screenshot was taken:

lutris --submit-issue file:

Hello and welcome to the forums. I wounder If Wow uses the same kind of launcher that epic games uses because some of your lutris -d output looks the same as the lutris game log output from my Satisfactory game.