Lutris use to have this

Why is it with Lutris the options to Kill Wineserver is no longer a thing from the Lutris launcher? You use to be able to click on the Wine icon and it would give you the options to Kill Wineserver if it’s misbehaving or didn’t exit out properly after closing something.

It doesn’t make sense why you would remove this convenient quick option from the launcher menu buttons, and it should be added back in, because there are still times where applications misbehave and do not exit out cleanly, leaving behind a running Wineserver that refuses to quit unless force quit with killall -9 wineserver (9 - SIGKILL) from Terminal. I could setup a kill script for Lutris to run after exiting something, but there’s no guarantee that will always work because Lutris will not see the application is no longer running and execute the script, because it’ll see Wineserver, and think the application is still running.