Lutris TypeError unable to see game list

Hello, I installed Lutris from ppa repository in Ubuntu 20.04. After clean installation when executing from terminal shows a TypeError:

Terminal Output:

I can install games though (from Gog, Steam, native, etc). And the games are indeed well installed, I can run them outside Lutris. But the game list in Lutris is not visible so I can’t launch them from there.
I think it’s related to github-lutris-issues-3353 (I can’t put more than 2 links in this post).

I tried to open an issue in GitHub but I have no permissions. I tried to “fix” it myself editing the method get_formatted_playtime, adding a line to return 0 or return “0” or return NO_PLAYTIME, but it didn’t work. I don’t know python.

Lutris generated issue:

Thanks for your help.