Lutris Tweaks

Hello everyone,

I was reading lutris wiki and I read about some tweaks on lutris, specifically about nvidia gpu tweaks, reading about nvidia shaders I saw that wine had only 256mb shared with games? Its correct this information, or I get it wrong, its possible to increase this size, to run BF1 under dxvk I had a problem with big loadings maybe could be this reason? please someone can explain me or help to get more performance with this game and others,
I’ll left the link of the wiki and my video of bf1.

I don’t think that will help with loading times. The env var for storing shaders is __GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH=/path/to/folder You have to make the folder first or it won’t output anything. Optionally you can use $GAMEDIR and it’ll store it in the game directory.

I played BF1 with DXVK, You should turn off Origin In-Game. It helped me. Of course you should read -