Lutris stuck making wine prefix

I’ve been having trouble getting Lutris to install any wine games. Every time it gets stuck making the wine prefix.

Intel i7-7700HQ CPU 2.8GHz
GTX 1060
16GiB ram

This is on a new install on my optimus-enabled Razerblade laptop. I’m running arch and have installed all arch wine dependencies as well as drivers. is the results of lutris -d my json file

I suspect the issues may arise out of the fact that im using an optimus laptop (i.e. using both an intel and nvidia gpu). I’ve install bumblebee and it appears to work fine. I feel like this is a simple fix but i’m just not aware of the solution.

Im going to see if i can figure out how to make my own wine prefix and see if that works to determine if the issue is my wine install. let me know if there’s any more information i should provide.