Lutris stopped launching GW2 after a while

So as the title says… First I installed GW2 in lutris, and I launched the game a few times from there, and it was working. Because it was not running smoothly though, I was messing around with the settings, installed the “wine-nine” package from pamac, and it stopped working at some point (pressing the play button in lutris changes the button to “launching…” then “stop” then back to “play”). I manually restored the settings to what they were initially, but that did not resolve the issue.

The log for the game looks like this:
Running /home/user/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-5.2-x86_64/bin/wine /home/user/Games/guild-wars-2/drive_c/Program Files/Guild Wars 2/GW2-64.exe
Waiting on children
Exit with returncode 1

If I try running the game via console with the wine version installed via lutris, the game still launches though. So I suspect it’s an issue with some lutris settings. Any idea what it could be and whether I can resolve it without having to re-download the game?

UPDATE: Creating a new wine prefix and using that fixes the problem. However using the prefix created by lutris or the system default prefix results in the issue described above.

Deleting the files in the root directory of the prefix created by lutris (but leaving the folders drive_c and dosdevices, because I didn’t want to delete the multiple gigabytes of downloaded game files) starts a wine configuration when the game is launched, but still crashes after the configuration.

Considering that, it looks like some settings are missed and left “as is” when a configuration of the prefix is performed. A “reset to default” button that would take care of all of those would be nice.

UPDATE 2: The culprit was my experimentation with gallium. When I tried to configure the new prefix with “WINEPREFIX=~/newprefix wine ninewinecfg”, the game stopped launching again. However it was running again when I disabled esync in the lutris game settings.

Of note is, it’s not enabling/disabling gallium that caused the issue, but the mere act of starting the configuration process with the “wine ninewinecfg” command. Once that is done, the prefix is corrupted, and it doesn’t work with esync. So I’ll say it again, a “reset to default” button would be really great in such situations.

Too bad none of that made the game run any smoother, so I guess my quest continues…