Lutris should automatically go to default folders on browse

 One awesome feature to speed up adding games to database for new installers would be if Lutris started in its default folders when browsing. Like when you select a runner on left window pane & click manually add game, if it went to the game folder set for that runner would speed up things alot for people that have their games many folders far away from where it starts now which seems to be home folder. Or if it just remembered the last folder location.
 Also banner folders, when clicking the banner to change to a different one it starts in home folder instead of lutris's default banner folder - ~/.local/share/lutris/banners as of Lutris 4.16. With rom packs having games in the hundreds or more makes it days work of clicking the same folders, would also reduce installation induced drinking blackouts :-)

** Just realized it did go to default folder for pcsx2 & dolphin. If i clicked runner then add game then select iso it goes to dafault but if i click libretro then click add game & select rom it goes to home ~/ folder regardless of the default folder setting. So i guess it may only be libretro runner that does that, too bad that’s where most the games are heh **