Lutris seemingly not installing DXVK

Hi all. I had been using Lutris on one of my machines and had already manually installed DXVK successfully before Lutris had the ability to do it automatically in its settings. I purchased a new laptop and decided this time to just have Lutris do the install. I clicked the option to use DXVK in the config and used the default 0.52 version, but Lutris was saying in console errors that DXVK wasn’t available. I manually typed 0.64 as the version, and the same thing happened. I checked in the .local runners folder, and my wine and winesteam folders are present, but there is no DXVK folder despite having activated it. For kicks, I copied one of my prefixes over from my prior machine with DXVK manually installed, and that works fine.

Any idea why Lutris isn’t downloading DXVK and what I can do to troubleshoot this? I’m on Kubuntu 18.04 with NVIDIA 396 series drivers and Wine Staging 3.13. I’d prefer not to have to keep manually mantaining DXVK on my new system if I can avoid it…

Just to be sure: have you done everything on ?