Lutris Scripts - no moderation?

Hello there!

I made and modified some lutris scripts so that they work properly. But since now nothing was done there.

For example: my submission on Ryzom was on 2020-06-23. Nothing was tested… but it works and can be tested by anyone and anytime.

So whats going on there? Is there a problem?

Dont get my wrong. I appreciate lutris and all the work that was done there. I use it for all my games on Manjaro.

Why is the moderation taking so long? Maybe you need more people to work submissions off?

Your best bet it to gently poke an active admin on the #writing_installers channel on discord.

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Use a mention, not DM.

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megavolt, if you are capable of getting scripts working :smiley: then you could be solving a lot of problems that people have with running their games on Linux. I would love to see Far Cry 2 running properly but there are a lot of gamers stuck because they cannot solve the problem with the scripts. :frowning_face:
You would certainly earn reputation and perhaps there is a way for you to earn money from it? :sunglasses:

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