Lutris script: How to start game installation in Wine virtual desktop mode

there is a game that needs wine virtual desktop mode to install correctly. But I didn’t find an option to activate wine virtual desktop mode during install process, only after with the:

desktop: true

Could you help me please?

Sometimes game installers do have a silent way to install without the need to display a dialogue box.

Which game are you trying to setup an install script for?

it’s a classic setup.exe with msi file. The game can be installed but the window flikering during all install. I tested the same install on Wine desktop mode, no flickering.
name of the game: Starship Titanic cd version.

Thats not going to be easy to replicate - due to the only (current) way to obtain Starship Titanic is only via GoG or Steam

Back in the day I use to use Universal Silent Switch Finder - give it a try to see if its using a known installer type and it will give you the needed switches for a silent install.

See if you can install it silently. What I do is open explorer.exe in system32 open cmd.exe and type

cd C:\
start "Z:\home\cxf\Downloads\setup.exe" /?

It should hopefully open a window showing all the possible cli switches. If it doesn’t and just proceeds with the install cancel and try any of these: /S /silent /q /quiet

For msi files it would be

cd C:\
msiexec /i "Z:\home\cxf\Downloads\setup.exe" /q
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