Lutris says esync limits aren't set correctly, but it's wrong

I get this popup whenever I try to launch a game with esync enabled. However, they are set correctly as far as I can tell. How does Lutris determine whether or not the limits are set correctly?

$ ulimit -Hn

For some reason opening it via the Gnome menu vs the CLI (ie executing ‘lutris’) have different results. Via when opened via CLI it doesn’t have any issue with the esync limits.

Can confirm. Exact same issue happening with me. GUI version won’t let me start launcher. Says limits aren’t set correctly even though I’m able to verify they are. If I launch from terminal it works fine.

It also says I don’t have Wine installed no matter how I launch it, but that’s a different issue and doesn’t seem to affect functionality.

I’m having the same issue. When I start Lutris via my start menu I get the esync error but when I launch it via terminal there’s no issue. I’m on Solus with budgie.

Do you have both Wine (64 bit) and Wine 32bit installed? I had only installed the ‘wine’ package and was getting the wine not installed warning. Turned out I should also have installed wine-32bit.