Lutris resetting winecfg even after saving

Found something interesting, if I run winecfg under linux and change my folders under the Desktop Integration tab, it will keep the changes. But when I start Lutris it changes them back to default settings. If I change them under Lutris for a game, it takes the changes until I run and exit the game, where it changes them back to default again.

Example: by default Desktop is set to ~/Desktop, with winecfg I change it to ~/Games/Desktop and it keeps that setting even after starting a game. I start Lutris and its back to ~/Desktop again, I edit winecfg under Lutris to change it again and it keeps it, then I start a game, exit the game and it goes back to default again, even under winecfg from the cli.

I’m sure there has to be a fix for this, a llittle inconvenient as I like to keep my game saves in a specific place which is why I set this up like this.

New to Lutris, so would appreciate any help with this.

I wish I had a solution. But I had similar issue with winecfg not saving after I close winecfg, still don’t have an answer. So yea I would like to know about this too.