Lutris recommends installing wine-staging system-wide, but that's not available on Solus

On Lutris’ download page, it recommends you install wine-staging if you plan on playing Windows games. Wine-staging isn’t available in the Solus repos, and the developers have stated it’s just too unstable to include. They do have the regular wine development version, though. Do I need staging, or will the regular package suffice?

Did you test before asking this question, or did you test and you’re afraid that Lutris will break after some use?

The main use of having a system-wide installation of Wine is to get all the dependencies that will be used in Lutris’ own downloaded Wine runners.

If you’ve been able to download via eopkg and Lutris installs and runs a Wine game, you’re probably fine and I could think of very few situations where you’d have things break. For example, if a wine-staging package requires a library that’s different from one required in regular Wine (this is very, very improbable).

The regular wine package is sufficient. I’m on Solus and have used it for months without issues. Don’t forget to install wine-32bit as well because some games need it.

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if you install winetricks over the package manager then wine gets installed too