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Lutris, raytracing in Cyberpunk 2077

Hello Everybody,

I can play CP2077 on my PC with Lutris “Fshack Lutris 6.21-3”, “- FShack Lutris 6.21-6” and 7.2 .
I have a Radeon 6600 in use. Why can’t I aktivate “Raytracing” in the game-setups? And by the way, I know, the 6600 isn’t performand enough for raytracing,…

Thanks, thk_ms

Ray tracing is only posible in certain games. I’m also playing Cyberpunk at the moment an RT is not possible at the moment.


thank you for the information. Is there any blog or infopage where news about Cyberpunk and raytracing were publish?

And will be there a new selectable point in the game-configs in Lutris?

many thanks, thk_ms

It’s our environment (drivers and graphics libraries). There is some rudimentary support for some GPUs (software ray tracing, even for cards that don’t have dedicated cores for it), that might work in some games, but it’s not there yet. It won’t be Cyberpunk (or Lutris) making changes that make using raytracing possible for you.

Possibly the proprietary Nvidia driver (I don’t know for sure vs. Cyberpunk 2077) but you’re not going to do it with amdgpu/mesa at this time.

What sucks about not having ray tracing in games that make heavy use of it, generally is that lighting dithering isn’t going to look quite right in some conditions. Annoying fog effects that don’t look quite right etc. I see this in Cyberpunk 2077 and the game Control.