Lutris on Manjaro / can´t run Bf4

Hello Guys,

I am not only new to this forum, but also to Linux, so please bare with me.
I would like to install Bf4, which worked (manual install), however I can´t get the game to start through Lutris. If I try to start it I get the error message:

DirectX function 
with E_Fail ("Attempted to create a device with
the debug layer enabled and the layer is not 
installed."). GPU """, Driver:

the funny thing is, If I launch BF4 through Wine by the launcher, it works (poorly)
Could this be an dxvk / vulkan related issue? I would appreciate any help !
thank you very much in advance for helping me out

Edit: it does start with dxvk disabled…
what did I do wrong? just reinstalled the amd driver for lutris otherwise I am lost

Side Info:
Manjaro Plasma 19.0.2
R9 290
Xeon e3 1245 v3
16gb ddr3 Ram 1600mhz
250gb hdd

followed the wiki: installed dependencies, installed drivers, multilib was already enabled by default.
runner options: winestaging 5.5, esync and dxvk enabled

disclaimer: I didn´t submit this issue yet because it might be my own stupidity