Lutris on Linux Mint 18.3

recently i had to reinstall linux mint 18.3 on my pc and, after trying to install Lutris, i get the “Unable to locate package” error.
Since i will not install Linut mint 19.x because of several issues, is there a way to be able to install Lutris on my distro again?

Did you add the PPA?

Another way would be to get the sources from github, last option on the download page, and running ./bin/lutris from the root directory. You need to ensure that all required packages are installed though…

BTW, what issues are you running into with Linux Mint 19?

Yes, i’ve followed the instructions in the “download” section, added the ppa, and execute apt update, but it doesn’t locate the package because mint 18.3 is based on ubuntu 16.x.
The issues with 19 is that the fans are constantly running, i’ve tried installing i8kutils, powertop, tlp and other methods to no avail, in 18.3 i don’t have this kind of issues so i’m keeping that.