Lutris not running applications with wrapper

I have two laptops running Fedora 38, on both I installed Lutris in the same way, through the dnf repos.
On one of them, Lutris works as expected, I installed a bunch of games, but on the other, the installer does not launch, and I noticed that the only difference between them is that the working one is launching the executable processes using lutris-wrapper, and the non-working is invoking wine directly. In the logs I see the executable as:

Started initial process 10363 from wine /home/user/.cache/lutris/installer/a-building-full-of-cats/gog/setup_a_building_full_of_cats_1.02-gog_wrapper_(64bit)_(63205).exe /SP- /NOCANCEL

And the actual installer never launches.

How can I enable the lutris-wrapper? I fiddled with the “Disable Lutris Runtime” option without success.