Lutris not installing or laucning GOG games with WINE

So i have been trying to get games from GOG using Wine and it hasn’t been going well. I have been getting messages like this.

Any ideas for a linux newb?

Got the same error when trying to install another game yesterday; turns out, the downloaded GOG installer files, instead of being renamed according to metadata (they’re downloaded in pairs: first, an xml file containing filename and checksums, then the filename this xml file was describing), they were named something like gog_file_*/download (with the wildcard being the number of downloaded file, starting from 0); which obviously led to the installer failing. The most annoying part was, when I renamed them correctly (the way the games installed a few months ago had their files named), Lutris ignored correctly named files and tried to download the whole 50Gb of installers again (I ended up making symlinks from new to old locations, but it still ignored the correctly named files).

The path where the downloaded files are stored is set up in Preferences; the natural location would be /home/lex/.cache/lutris/downloads as I’m pretty sure that’s where they’re downloaded to in the first place. You can check if you have the same issue.

What I ended up doing is run the (correctly renamed) installer via “Run EXE inside wine prefix”; the other changes by the install script seem to have succeded, so the resulting install appears to work fine.

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I got the exact same behaviour.
Any idea how to fix this globally, without having to do manual renaming, copying, or symlinking files?