Lutris not importing all GOG games

Hi everyone! I’m trying out Lutris since GameHub appears to be getting less support. Problem I’ve run into is that it doesn’t import all reverse phone lookup of my GOG games in my account. Which is weird because these are games that GOG actually supports installers for on Linux (they’re old DOS games). Is there something I’m doing wrong or is there a trick to getting these games to show up?

I logged in with my GOG account and clicked import and that’s when I noticed there was an issue since the number was off from my total library number. pcpartpicker Almost all of the games not imported appear to be the older DOS games that I have in my account (I haven’t gone over all of them because it’s 30+ games)

Has anyone else encountered this? I’ve seen mentions of something similar on Lutris’s forum, but that was for Steam games.