Lutris not detecting DXVK after update

The Game worked before system upgrade, I have DXVK installed and lutris simply doesn’t detect it. What can I do? Do I have to config something?

Try to reinstall dxvk. What is your distro ?

or use the dxvk that comes with Lutris.

Hello, I have the same problem. I am obliged to clean and reinstall game (Fallout Shelter) to play again.
How to reinstall dxvk (on UBUNTU) ?

You have at least two options:


Go here
Go to release page and grab a release and download it.

Follow the how to. You can figure out the prefix for a game I suppose, or use Lutris to do it by either running exe from prefix.

How you update Lutris to that if you want it for all, I’m not sure. Could require building source maybe.


Or instead of all that, you can right click on the application/game and have Winetricks install dxvk.


Something else