Lutris just opens emulator

First I gotta say my system, though I don’t think it really matters, but it’s an Arch based Linux distro on my ps4 (PsxItArch). I can add the games to lutris as well as the emulators that come with it, and my own downloaded ones. But when I go to start a game (specifically ps1 games)… Only the emulator start up, and doesn’t even start up the game (PCSXR). I can go to the actual application, manually start it and play the game. It is an executable I am using with Wine. In the game’s configurations (Any game, but let’s say Intellegent Qube) I have Leberto as the runner, PCSXR as the core, and for a custom excuteable under advanced options I have my windows version directory set… It honestly blows my mind. I can play the game manually starting it up by myself, but Lutris only starts the emulator. Is there a way for the game to automatically start without using an app to start another app to play it? I’d really appreciate any lead.