Lutris is picking Windows Version over Linux?

Hi guys,

I just wanted to install Simon the Sorcerer. Loaded Lutris, choose the game from my gog library, installed it “No file provided” Error.

So I thought well, just download the .exe from and tinker around. But there is a Linux Version?

So… how can I install the Linux Version from within Lutris? Any advice? And why is Lutris choosing the .exe?

I have the same problem with almost all games from Steam and GOG.
openSuSE 15.2; Lutris 0.5.6.

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Do you have the 25th aniversary edition? I think they moved the original version to goodies while the 25th ani version only supports windows. Thats why lutris can’t detect a linux version. Imo your best bet is to just install the linux version manually and then add the game to lutris.

No, I have the regualr Version.

Solved it by downloading the installer manually and adding the game manually to Lutris.

If you can find the gog id for the version of the game you want to play (looks something like 2134529414), then it’s possible to make an automatic (one-click) installer for it; otherwise, you could still make an installer, but it would still require manually downloading the file & pointing Lutris at it.

Often it’s possible to find this info on However, I’m having trouble finding the version of the game that you’re referring to, except in the goodies of the 25th anniversary edition as WarBird mentioned.

The Version I have is not available in the store anymore.
On gogdb you can find it under the ID 1207658699.