Lutris Installer for Witcher 3 GOTY ediditon doesn't ask for setup files

Basically title. When I use the installer it just does the full install never asking for setup files (which I have downloaded) then when it finished it obviously doesn’t have any of the files and wont run because “file not found”.

Has anyone else had this issue? I have scoured the forums and haven’t found anything.

i have the same issue right there did u find any solution ?
Edit: have to modify the whole script to not download again 22go. If u needed i can sent u the script

Hello alex37330,
I would like your script…
I’ve downloaded the GOG Witcher3 GOTY files and simply want to install from disk.

hi sorry for the late asnwer

{“count”:1,“next”:null,“previous”:null,“results”:[{“id”:12494,“game_id”:26345,“game_slug”:“the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-game-of-the-year-edition”,“name”:“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition”,“year”:2015,“user”:“citrusalex”,“runner”:“wine”,“slug”:“the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-game-gog”,“version”:“GOG”,“description”:null,“notes”:"",“created_at”:“2019-03-24T06:18:18.640000Z”,“updated_at”:“2019-06-13T08:01:07.259099Z”,“draft”:false,“published”:true,“published_by”:null,“rating”:"",“steamid”:null,“gogid”:null,“gogslug”:"",“humblestoreid”:"",“script”:{“game”:{“arch”:“win64”,“exe”:“drive_c/GOG Games/The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY/bin/x64/witcher3.exe”,“prefix”:"$GAMEDIR"},“files”:[{“dx2010”:“"}],“installer”:[{“task”:{“arch”:“win64”,“name”:“create_prefix”,“prefix”:"$GAMEDIR"}},{“task”:{“name”:“winetricks”,“prefix”:"$GAMEDIR",“app”:“faudio”}},{“extract”:{“file”:“dx2010”,“dst”:"$CACHE/dxsetup"}},{“task”:{“arch”:“win64”,“args”:"/silent",“name”:“wineexec”,“executable”:"$CACHE/dxsetup/DXSETUP.exe",“prefix”:"$GAMEDIR"}},{“task”:{“arch”:“win64”,“name”:“winetricks”,“prefix”:"$GAMEDIR",“app”:"vcrun2012 vcrun2013 win7”}}],“wine”:{“Desktop”:true,“dxvk”:true,“version”:“tkg-4.6-x86_64”},“system”:{“env”:{"__GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH":"$GAMEDIR","__GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE":1,“DXVK_HUD”:0},“pulse_latency”:false}},“content”:“files:\n- dx2010:\ngame:\n arch: win64\n exe: drive_c/GOG Games/The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY/bin/x64/witcher3.exe\n prefix: $GAMEDIR\ninstaller:\n- task:\n arch: win64\n name: create_prefix\n prefix: $GAMEDIR\n- task:\n app: faudio\n name: winetricks\n prefix: $GAMEDIR\n- extract:\n dst: $CACHE/dxsetup\n file: dx2010\n- task:\n arch: win64\n args: /silent\n executable: $CACHE/dxsetup/DXSETUP.exe\n name: wineexec\n prefix: $GAMEDIR\n- task:\n app: vcrun2012 vcrun2013 win7\n arch: win64\n name: winetricks\n prefix: $GAMEDIR\nsystem:\n env:\n DXVK_HUD: 0\n __GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE: 1\n __GL_SHADER_DISK_CACHE_PATH: $GAMEDIR\n pulse_latency: false\nwine:\n Desktop: true\n dxvk: true\n version: tkg-4.6-x86_64\n”}]}

save in in json and install wwith lutris -i the json file

Thank you so much for your reply and file. I also found this page which also worked perfectly…

…although I could not install the update patch. :frowning:
The game is working fine so far (4 hours played) with no crashes.

U can install the update with gog galaxy 2 and u redirect the directory where u have it install it will automatically update it.