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Lutris improvements from someone new to linux

Lutis should have a list of missing .dll files that a game needs in order to work and/or be able to search wintricks to see if they are present and if not install them for you.

Example - Crysis GOG
Dx9 mode works out of the box but to play in dx10 mode you need to do the following to make it work
command-line arguments: -dx10
Winetricks .dll files to install
And finally for myself at least disable Esync. After this the game runs perfectly in dx10 mode but I would never have found this information without one person who already had the game running to tell me.

This kind information should have been available on the lutris Crysis page. Fact is windows has made me and majority of gamer’s lazy expecting game to just install and run with any problem being blamed on windows or the game developers.

If the community wants more windows users to move to Linus and improving gaming on it, then it needs to be made more accessible. Or at least make it easy to find out what your game is missing to make it work be it missing .dll files to what runners work best.


It’s Lutris and Linux by the way. What you are asking for is here: