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Lutris games saves are where?

Started Elden Ring and wanted to use my Windows 10 saves I have backed up, Just need to know where Lutris puts a new game save at, when I start a new game. So I can just copy paste my saves in .

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For a Windows game like that, it would be in the same location, but in the Wine prefix.


I don’t know about the “somestringID”, that might only be for a Steam version. (I don’t actually have Elden Ring)

It’s a good idea to run a game once first to find exactly where it’s going to put new save files, and then drop yours in the same place.

Currently I have the save here C:\users\me\appdata\roaming\Elden Ring
and the 2 files in there are a Numbered Folder and a XML file. My problem seems to be locating these 2 files at all. I think that the structure is the same. But the files are named entirely different on a Linux system. SO I have 2 files named ER0000.sl2 and ER0000.sl2.bak I can not find any files named that on the Linux side. Maybe the file gets renamed ?

They should go in the “numbered folder”. (that’s the “somestringID” I was referring to)

Have you played through long enough for the game to even save a checkpoint? (I mean that could be why you can’t find ER0000.sl2 and its backup file)

These files would not be differently named because you are running this on Linux.

Yeah I have no Steam Installed anywhere.