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Lutris games for all Linux users?


I installed League of Legends and StarCraft II under /home/user1/Games/, but then I logged in with user2. I moved the game folders from /home/user1/Games to /home/user2/Games, did sudo chown -R user2:user2 Games, but Lutris still showed no games installed. I downloaded the install script and it wiped out the game files and started over (for League). I could have added the games manually, but I didn’t know all the Runner settings that get set from the Lutris scripts.

Is there a way to make Lutris games available for all users, or move the installed games between Linux users?


Hey there & Happy new year !!!,

I think the best solution for your problem is to share the same library means having the same Lutris account for both users.

Then you not gonna need to install the game twice but just adding games manually in Lutris to get things work.

How did you do that ???

  • You just need to redirect manually every game to there respective directory to get things work correctly.

I advise you to check them first in the user session where u did the original install to get the correct path & settings for the others users then your games should work perfectly.

Let me know if it helps.