Lutris game run through steam crashes. how to get logs?

I also posted about this here, but wasn’t able to find a solution Viewing topic Running Lutris games on steam crashes. How to get logs? | GamingOnLinux

Basically, I’m trying to launch a wine game I setup up in lutris (Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure and here is the script I wrote for it ) through steam so I can get steam input and the steam overlay working.

After launching the game through steam it will crash after about 5 min of playtime consistently. If I launch the game directly through lutris (or pegasus which is my temporary workaround) the game is playable and does not crash.

I tried running lutris with lutris -d and then launching through steam to see if I can get logs but the problem is that when ran that way steam input and overlay don’t seem to “hook” into the game and the game does not crash.

If using Proton in Steam (to launch a non-steam game) you still should be able to get a log by prepending PROTON_LOG=1 to the Launch Options. Like “PROTON_LOG=1 %command%”

That should create a file in your home directory, named steam(gameid).log (where gameid is the game’s ID number). If it’s got a lot of noise in it, it could be fairly large.

no i am not using proton Im using a shortcut to launch the game with lutris as mentioned here the game is not on the steam store