Lutris Game Play - LoL (League of Legends) with Pardus 23.0

Hello, I installed (Debian) Pardus 23.0 xFCE. I installed Lutris to play games, but after the game(League of Legends) is installed, it does not appear to be installed. All files of the game have been downloaded. Every time I turn on the computer it seems to download the game again. The Riot logo appears at the bottom right. When I double-click there, I can enter the game and play, but it does not open via Litrus. I have a second problem; My external graphics card does not appear in the Lutris settings section. How can I define my second graphics card into Pardus and Lutris system? (NVIDIA Geforce 940MX) I downloaded the appropriate video card driver, but I could not proceed further. I request your support. I attached screen shot.