Lutris Game Install issues

I recently switched over to Ubuntu 22.-4 LTS after using windows most of my life. I have been experiencing issues getting and World of Warcraft retail installed. Currently when i begin the install, Lutirs just launches this window but nothing else happens once I select install and no other windows are running.

Could someone provide some insight on what could cause this issue? I have ensured all dependencies are installed and even purged Wine and reinstalled it fresh.

Hello, just install “” Lutris script form this page:
Blizzard - Lutris
then install wow script from this page:
World of Warcraft - Lutris " For existing instalations of"

I tried both of them and the result is what I pasted above. the scripts from what I can see fail to do anything. I hit install at the window i provided in the screenshot. Typically a second lutris window pops up showing the script running, that does not occur.

What is your Lutris version?

I am running Lutris version

your Lutris version is too old, please update it.

is there a way to update Lutris in place or do I need to uninstall and then download the newest .deb?

You can download more recent releases packages here: Releases · lutris/lutris · GitHub