Lutris Forums Firefox 66.0.2


I was wondering why I miss some information in the Lutris forum.
Some of the users profil pictures are not shown and if I open the forum with Chromium, I can See a pinned Topic. I resetted Firefox allready (+ I used firefox -d in terminal).
See the pictures below:

Same for me. Had to wonder wtf I did lol.

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66.0.2 here (XUbuntu 18.10), I can see the pinned topic.

Though I am getting the profile pictures not appearing issue. Odd.


<img alt="" src="/letter_avatar_proxy/v2/letter/c/43a26b/32.png" title="Caffeinated Tech" class="avatar" width="32" height="32">

The source comes back 404.

I opened an issue to fix this but I imagine strider’s a bit busy with other things.

Oh… the pin doesn’t show when you’re logged in. I thought that was just me since I made it. Once you read a pinned topic it unpins it for you. That behavior can be changed but only by an admin and I’m only a mod.


Well, that explains it. I read that post before I made an account and haven’t read it since.