Lutris for Flatpak in progress?

I wonder if Lutris will be available for Flatpak or it will use the traditional packages as always


We plans to have a Flatpak package somewhere during the 0.5.x cycle (probably at the beginning)

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Awesome!!! I’ll wait for the 0.5.x cicle then, a flatpak version of lutris looks very interesting :smiley:

Thanks for the good work getting lutris better

Flatpak? Awesome! I think that could also mean using the Winepak system, thus installing Wine and making sure all dependencies are satisfied could be completely assured!

I would also be interested in a Lutris Flatpak. I 've tried running Lutris before, natively with limited success. However now that I 've moved to Fedora Silverblue, flatpak is the only available (and desired) option from my part.