Lutris Flatpak on Steam Deck: Cant install to SD Card

I am turning crazy here. Something is borked here and I cant find out what.

I am on my Steam Deck trying to install a few GOG Games to the SD Card.
I see the Path. I can create the Games Folder on the SD Card.
After the install Starts, wine creates the Prefix but when it comes to starting the Game Installer I get this:

lutris-wrapper: /home/deck/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/data/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64/bin/wine
Started initial process 820 from /home/deck/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/data/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64/bin/wine /run/media/mmcblk0p1/LutrisInstallers/soldier-of-fortune/gog/sof.exe
Start monitoring process.
Monitored process exited.
Initial process has exited (return code: 256)
All processes have quit
Exit with return code 256

I am at my wits end here. Not even Symlinking the SD Card to the Home Folder works.
When I install to /home/deck the installer works. But I only have 64GB there which is suboptimal.

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Went a bit radical here but it works now.

The issues is somewhere with lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64 and the fact that it is ALWAYS used for installs regardless of whats set in the Runner Opitons.

So I downloaded wine-7.6-amd64 over protonup-qt dublicated it once inside /home/deck/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/data/lutris/runners/wine/
and renamed it to lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64

And yeah. Now everything installes.

What if I told you, you can set wine version in the script installer. I think you can set the global wine in the preferences as well but I can’t confirm

Lutis still picked lutris-fshack even when I did not specify anything in the script.

You can set a custom wine binary. Yes.
But thats beating around the Issue.
Something is wrong with lutris-fshack.

I see what you mean and yes but lutris and lutris-fshack are different things. I will check in that project repo if they address this issue

Let’s sprar some other new Deck owners the Headache^^

Check yhis one out is pretty recent but we would need the logs to compare

From what I see its not the same Issue.

lutris-fshack straight up fails with everything that is on the SD Card but works fine in the Home Folder.

Does not matter if Installer or something else. Nothing starts when the Prefix is located on the SD Card.

Other people also having this Issue it seems.