Lutris Erros (Doom BFG Edition, Path of Exile)

Hi, so Lutris gaves me errors when trying to run some Wine Games.

Doom BFG Edition:

Path of Exile:

the doom executable is built against an old labavcodec
until the runner maintainer rebuilds against a more modern distro it’s fairly easy to build the executable yourself…

Fairly easy… Well its actually quite a few steps, will see if I can follow the steps one by one.

sorry, I guess fairly easy is subjective – I’ve been on Linux for over 20 years…

Its my first month on Linux, it scares me installing something that isnt on the official repos or aur, will need to try and see how it goes.

one should not install anything that requires escalation of privileges (sudo) from something outside official repositories. until you’ve had time to fully understand the changes – but looking over the build instructions you are directed to install development files which are pulled from the official repo, which is OK.