Lutris don't open .lnk files

Hello, I’ve just tried to play Prey(2017).
I’ve got it from “DodiRepacks” and installed it through Lutris using .exe installation. It worked and the game is installed, but I can’t launch it.

I see those errors when trying to launch the game in this exactly sequence: (ProtonGE, ProtonExperimental, WineGE and many others with no success)

“Path not found”
“There isn’t a windows program configured to open this type of file”
“File not found”

I suspect it’s related to this .lnk file that launchs the game.

I’ve already played God of War(2018), DeadSpace(2008) and CallistoProtocol(2022) without any problem. And all these games used .exe files to launch.

If anyone know how to launch .lnk files on Lutris, please let me know :slight_smile:

We do not give support for pirated games on this forum. If you want more games choice and support on Linux, buy your games.

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