Lutris doesn't start

Hi, I want to play valorant on my pc so I downloaded Lutris…(I am on Archlinux) For some reason, lutris is not starting… or crashing… I don’t know.
Here are some screenshots


I have the same issue. If you close that window (upper right red button) the GUI appears.

Same problem on ubuntu focal after updating today. The wierd start-up behaviour with the small window (animated progress bar), seemingly doing nothing.
Closing the small window (after waiting for a bit?) seems to open the regular gui. Latest version automatically uses system-language, as opposed to english before. No setting to adjust the language setting in the options.
My personal solution was to downgrade to 0.5.8 and ignore any lutris package updates on system-wide package upgrades for now.
Get the 0.5.8 from github --> lutris 0.5.8 deb