Lutris crashes in fedora 32

Lutris is crashing after install in fedora 32 … no error …
Tried launching the app in terminal … no success.
Can’t get the error logs because there are none.

Interesting development … i’ve just gone ahead and installed Uplay and and lo and behold is installing but i cant see lutris running anywhere …

No problems here at my Fedora 31 machine.

Fedora 32 is still in beta release and it ships with a newer Gtk version. I believe some Gtk calls were changed which Lutris isn’t using yet. I always wait until release because it gives the Lutris devs enough time to change those calls.

The installer part probably works because it runs Lutris with the switch -i. This doesn’t create the main window. I haven’t tested this though.

lutris -i /path/to/file.yaml

You should however see some output.

When you run Lutris from a terminal using the following command you should see something:

/usr/bin/lutris -d
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