Lutris can't launch any game

Hello everyone! Ever since lutris updates from 5.8.4 to 5.9.1, I haven’t been able to launch anything from the Lutris launcher, getting this following error:

Failed to execute process. Check that the file exists.
This happens for every application I try to launch, even on native linux applications (Tacoma), all of them saying they can’t find the executable and then crashing.

This is my Lutris issue report: Link

I was forced to upgrade to 5.9.1 since my distro (I’m running Manjaro with the Unstable branch to keep it close to Arch Linux) updated python to a newer version so the old version of Lutris I had wasn’t working anymore. I also tried using a lutris-git version to see if it worked but it didn’t in the end

To reproduce the issue I just have to launch any game using the Play button from inside lutris.
I don’t have the same issue when using any of the other options in the launcher (Run EXE from inside prefix, Wine Configuration, Open Bash Terminal, etc…). The issue only manifests when I try running the application normally. Either by clicking the play button or double clicking the icon.

Update: One of my games is a launcher. When running it through “Execute EXE inside prefix” it can’t find any of the files from said prefix. But when running it through (Open bash terminal) it works without an issue

I had a Lutris issue as well after a python update, on Garuda Linux. The way that I managed to resolve it is by installing Lutris in a new VM, and then copying all the executables, .config, and .local/share files. It’s not ideal, but it worked for me.

Worst case, you could maybe use Lutris on Flatpak (you’ll need to override filesystem access permission, with Flatseal, to be able to access your game path).

The issue isn’t related to python. Python just pushed me into updating to the new version since the old one I was using was broken (until I went and rebased it so I could downgrade)

I tried out Lutris on Flatpak and it worked yeah, but I’d rather use system lutris as that gives me the possibility of using my own prefixes and more flexibility in general (I could use the git version too)