Lutris Asking for CD to play game

Hi all i’m new to lutris and fairly new to linux based OS in general so apologies if i am asking any stupid questions. I am currently running lutris on my steam deck to run some windows based games, I have installed an old windows 98 soccer manager game using the game’s ISO but when i try running the game it requires the game CD to play, now I have mounted the ISO but it still will not run it’s like the program isn’t seeing it. Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

Did you try finding a cracked executable for the game? it would just be a matter of replacing the original one , it’s ok since you have a original copy :), wouldn’t be pirating, that would be the easiest way.

Another possibility would be editing the registry files in the prefix, most old windows games would have all the paths for stuff in the registry, it’s possible that you could find this game’s pointing to where it expects to see the cd there, and change it to the mount point of the image

These files are in the root of the prefix foulder, it will look something like this:

It’s those “.reg” files, they’re just text files so you can edit them easily, it would most likely be on the “user.reg” file, just open it, do a search for the game’s name and see what you find.