Lutris app doesnt work

I’m trying tu run Lutris on Ubuntu 22.10, at first start it did open but showed me a messages about no having my graphics drivers up to date and give me a link to update them, then when i reboot and try to open lutris, it simply did not run at all.
When I try to use “lutris -d” from the terminal I get this:

Could someone please help me?

I think there was an issue with the first release of the Mesa 22.3 driver. I had the same issue earlier today. It also messed up Proton games through Steam, messed up hardware acceleration in Vivaldi and prevented me from using the Vulkan api in mpv. When I ran sudo apt upgrade in the terminal, there were a few packaged held back (I think it was libglib2.0)

I rolled back to my previously installed version of Mesa using Timeshift, and that fixed the issue.

A few minutes ago I saw there was another update for the Mesa 22.3 driver (using the Kisak mesa PPA), along with an update for libglib2.0 and so far that one seems to be working okay. So if you upgrade you should be good.

Same thing just happened to me. Updated to Mesa 22.3 before I went to bed last night and noticed Lutris seg faulting because of it today. Just checked and can confirm there is a new Mesa update out there that fixes it. I’m running Linux Mint 21 so should be available for Ubuntu.

A lot of packagers compile mesa with LTO (link time optimization) turned on with the meson build system. This can cause subtle breakage, not reproducible by everyone. It can have you chasing your tail.

I had that happen recently. (I do my own builds)