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Lutris API GOG import issues


I’ve noticed several titles from my GOG library not importing to Lutris. After some research I found out that gogslug items in the lutris api are wrong for many games.

As an example, look at a search for Baldur’s Gate: In my case, only BGEE and BG2 show up in the lutris library and not BG and BG2EE. On the api “Baldur’s Gate II: Complete” incorrectly has the gogslug “baldurs_gate_2_enhanced_edition” while for BG2EE (and BG) it’s empty. I have ~30% of my library not showing up after import and noticed many others having wrong values for gogslug.

I do not know if I should file a bug on github, requesting individual changes for gogslug on the website is not possible, so right now as much as I’d like, as a GOG client Lutris for me is unusable.

Edit: Is there anything someone like me as a user could do to help or is this some kind of problem that is further down on the priority list for lutris devs/contributors. Just asking since nobody on discord or on the forums seems to be interested or willing to answer me.

I also have issues withi bioshock not importing from gog. I think a bug report wouldn’t hurt.

Same bug for Starwars Dark forces II

Same issue here, with about 1/3 of my GOG library not appearing in Lutris. I tend to purchase my games during sales, when bundling multiple games is common. It makes sense that the Lutris query using the API shows only the gogslug, but there must be a way to build a temporary list from the bundle and then do a lookup on the list items. Ex.: all the Avernum games and Ultima games.

Without this ability, Lutris is likewise not useful for me. The workaround is to hack Playonlinux with winetricks, use other third-party scripts (e.g., then import local files into Lutris. This eliminates the need for Lutris as a GOG handler.

As this has been pending for over a year or thereabouts, I’ll just have to wait for a future version and run my games via PoL.

I can no more reproduce this issue.
You should open a bug on Github.

“Pathfinder: Kingmaker” doesn’t have gogslug at all:

@Jango76 should be fixed now.

Thanks! You added “pathfinder_kingmaker_imperial_edition” - will be Lutris install with same gogslug work for other editions - “explorer” and “royal”?

AFAIK, GOG has different slugs for different editions of the same game, so it may not work for other slugs actually (that’s why Pillars of Eternity has a separate entry in Lutris DB for the Definitive Edition)

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I added “Imperial edition” because the standard version is not yet available on GOG, isn’t it?
It’s not an ideal solution but it could help users to find the game.
On Lutris you should write a page per version, for example:
Darksiders Legacy edition and Darksiders warmerested edition, each of this version has his own page.