Lutris and Origin on Debian

I installed Lutris on Debian 11 and installed all libraries from this.
Next my step, I connected Origin source by my login and here I seen all my games from Origin
Next step, I choosed Dragon Age II and press Install button. After it open window for installing Origin. Some time later I got authorization window and after authorization I got Origin window. But window of lutrix origin installation didn’t close.

After it I tried install Dragon Age II in Origin window and press play after installing but I got only little window with Dragon Age II logo and nothing more

What I do wrong? How correct to install Origin games by lutris?

I did just finish playing through Dragon Age 2 with Origin, so I can confirm that the game works.

When you start Dragon Age 2, you will get a splash screen with the Dragon Age 2 logo for a few seconds. Then the game should start.

Do you get anything at all after the splash screen with the logo that might indicate the game is running?

The game starts with some intro videos. I remember some versions of Wine were causing the game to automatically minimize when the videos started.