Lutris always changes my windows user folders

Hi folks!

It’s simple: Some games store their shizzle in the “Windows User Folder / My Documents”. I just like that to be my Linux ~/Documents folder.

Back when I was using PlayOnLinux this was simple: Go to the WINE bottle, make a Symlink in the Windows-user-folder to my Linux-user-Documents folder and that’s it.

Now with Lutris I can’t do it. It doesn’t matter if I create the Symlink manually or via winecfg (“Desktop Integration”). Both Symlinks seem to be fine.

But as soon as I hit “Play” for the game, Lutris (or what else?) replaces the Symlink with a new “My Documents” folder, so that it remains in the WINE bottle.

How can I change that behavior?

Bonus point, if I can force ALL my WINE games to all link to my Linux user Documents folder.

I think, not 100% sure, but I think this has to do with winemenubuilder.exe being disabled. Try removing it from winecfg.