Lutris Add Game Button on Mint

So I’ve distro-hopped to Linux Mint recently, and after installing Lutris, I’ve noticed that the “Add Game” button (the plus in the top-left corner) is functionally different on Mint compared to Fedora. On Fedora, it opens a window giving me a list of ways to install games, while on Mint it automatically assumes I’m adding an already-installed game from my system to Lutris. Is there a way to change Mint’s behavior to be like Fedora’s?



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I’m on Mint Cinnamon 21.1 using Lutris 0.5.12.

When I click the “Add Game” button at the top left, I get all the add game options you have in your first screenshot.


Right, well, I just opened up Lutris again, and it now is working as intended. I have no idea why it now works like that, but it does.

In the unlikely event somebody with the issues above sees this, my advice is to uninstall and reinstall Lutris from several sources, and if that doesn’t work, just let it sit overnight.

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