Lutris 5.8 Deskto shortcuts no longer work

The new 5.8 version: all old shortcuts no longer work nor does deleting them and creating a new one - please fix.

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Confirmed. Both generated and manual shortcuts are not working.
Only the start from the Lutris GUI works.

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I’m experiencing this on Arch with Lutris v5.8. Even newly created shortcuts via the new version don’t work.

Starting from a terminal gives:
“Unable to load locale dir, translations won’t work.
2020-11-21 12:53:24,293: Your version of python-magic is too old.”

The older version of python-magic is probably related to missing python-magic-ahupp dependency.

That terminal output is not related to the desktop shortcuts at all.

It’s in the AUR and is not related whether installed or not.

There’s an open issue:

That’s literally what I was implying with the missing python dependency comment!!

As opposed to figuratively? Please choose another adverb; does not compute.:wink:

Hopefully Arch will have it sorted soon, Lutris isn’t the only package that’s looking for the magic module. There’s a couple bug reports about it:

Oops, we’re way off topic now.

Revert to 5.7.1. Prevent package manager from updating. Wait for next release…

…or you can remove the current shortcuts from ~/.local/share/applications/ and create new ones.

I told Lutris to remove and re-create the application shortcuts for my games, and they still didn’t launch when invoked. I’m using “application menu” shortcuts not desktop shortcuts, but I believe they behave the same.

I’d rather just wait than roll back.

Also, why do we have to be code contributors to report bugs on the lutris github? First project I’ve seen where that’s a thing, how odd.

As I already mentioned, I manually removed them from ~/.local/share/applications/ and recreated them from Lutris via the Create application menu shortcut option and they work just fine.

Because there’s currently 234 open issues? I’m sure it’s a daunting task to go through them all to find the duplicate issues and close them. Speaking of which, there’s already an open issue about this that I linked above.

Desktop shortcuts didn’t work for me. And 234 doesn’t mean issues can’t stay organised when opened to the public.

I was only guessing, I don’t know why they’ve limited new issues.

So there is no way to fix the issue with desktop shortcuts not launching ?

Maybe you can try 5.8.1, it fixes that problem.