Lutris 5.10 now shows no options at bottom when high lighting an installed game

About a week a go I noticed lutris stopped showing me the options at the bottom when high lighting a game. I now longer have the buttons which give me the menu and configure ability for installed games.

Anyone else run across this?

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Have your tun lutris from the terminal with the -d option?

As such:

lutris -d

Known issue - see Github. You can manually edit the file to fix it.

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Where is this file located? I looked for it and did not find it and the Github issue did not give a location for it either.

On my distro it’s in /lib/python3/dist-packages/lutris/util/steam

Ok in researching this got info on what needs to be changed found the file.

Have not seen where to do this in this information other than the file.

Anyone done this and have it fixed since Lutris next version has not been updated for release.