Lutris 0.5.10's way of installing a setup.exe is broken. But installing it using the "Add a New Game" still works

I use Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon. My system automatically upgraded Lutris to 0.5.10 on April 10.

Previously, when I click the Plus button on the upper-left, I’m taken to the “Add a New Game” window

Now, when I click the Plus button, I am presented with five options.
Screenshot from 2022-04-13 01-27-36

I have a setup.exe file to install, so from the five options, I choose “Install a Windows game from media”. I then locate the exe file. But the setup never succesfully completes. I get a error code 256 (i think that’s the number).

But you know what works? The old way I used to install games: Get to the “Add New Game” window. (In version 0.5.10, it’s it’s the last of the 5 choices (“Add locally installed game”). It seems this newer Lutris is worse than the old one. It broke some games that were already installed.

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